Monday, September 07, 2009


No gas level? they asked me, "no need i say, while poking my finger in my gas tank, improvise!", a H.O.G. from my neighbouring country, came down last few months, invited some for a ride, some friendly some i dunno, well the ride was a good one cos, we rode down to my hometown good ol' KB town " Black Gold" district i call em, while we were enjoying our midday meal, one of em came up to me and said, " nice bike ", so how much did'cha have to spend to do one of these??, and i just politely said, it wasnt the " how much ", it was more like how long i had to save up and plannings on gettin the stuff i wanted was the real itch, and he laughed and said hahhaaa such a cute lookin bike with a cute skinny tire but my problem is with your rear fender!!?? where is it????, and he was sayin all this in front of few motorcycle traffic police officers!!!??,( imagined how i felt right there and then??? ) nd the funny thing was, he kept asking if this was a real "Harley"? hmmmmm....cos he can't see anything written on the bike that says "Harley Davidson" except my race jacket....and he left.
Well here's my opinion, i dont diss the company's name or the motor industry, i love HD for their timeless classics, their heritage towards the motorcycle world, sure if you got the greens you may do with whatever you want to do with it, buy a heat seated bagger with cup holders, or the latest sportster with all blacks exteriors whatever, so i'm not part of the HD club package, i dont look like i fell into a gap full of HD clothings with complete matching jewelries and the only " Harley Davidson " engravings are on my top carb covers, so just like you, i have my own taste and choice of how to get value for what i spend on, so what if it's aftermarket?? or custom fabricated? hey, it sure hecks dont look like yours now does it?, like some, i diss the company only on it's political side of how they market their stuff, views and losing heritage, what? the jacket? so what?, like i said, i love the HD heritage, did you even see my race jacket?, it's based on the old style race jacket!, yes it's leather, and no it's not a rain it's simple as that, what? still dont get me, okay, lets put it this way, how i always explain to clueless guys who's on their new Crossbones, besides the older design HD's, i hate the production models these days, but whatever that comes out of HD from 1903 till now, it's all about the motors for grease up, i know some of us sound like hypocrites but you would'nt even begin to understand the shut up n just ride.


rizky mandra said...

good one Ray... still got that same attitude of people here also... i wish they spend more crawl out from cave to see what is out there... and realize that tey could actually do something with their bike..

Daddy Frisco said...

exactly my sentiments..

stuka said...

I'm with you on this...i like h-d for the motors not the image...i have ridden jap bikes for years also...which is why i got a jap flag on my sporty wind up the "harley oweners"