Saturday, February 27, 2010


Seafood + 4WDs.. Santey town
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Joy Juice "zero"

Consumed in SINless city
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

did you know...

that FXR frame is the stiffest frame that Harley-Davidson ever produced..??

i came accros this article on The Bathtub Diaries blog written by Bill Garlinghouse about the history of FXR... and there is also a super-detail link to it... check it out if you're interested in some history lesson... (thank you Dan-O and Mr. Garlinghouse)

on that link, it was stated that FXR frame is FIVE TIMES stiffer in torsion than average FX or FL frame... wow, i guess that's like a Dyna frame on Viagra..!!

but my favorite quote is this buying tips:
"When buying the FXR, remind the seller that it is the "Ugly" Harley, they are NOT popular, and that the seller is lucky you're even interested in looking at the bike...

there are two type of people who own FXRs... the type who doesn't know the heck they are (in which case the above tactic may work), and the type who do know what they are... in which case they're usually not for sale..."

i guess i'm just lucky...

Monday, February 22, 2010

marvelous morning in Mampang...

for some reason, Kickass Choppers HQ in Mampang always set me in a jaw-dropping-aweness mode... and yesterday morning was no diffrence..!! thank's a lot for the Lo Cupan bor... it was Amazing... =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

full throttle...

how bout that for a high flying action..??

Triumph 1508 Hot Rod

Roberto Totti of Bologna is one of Italy’s most prolific custom bike builders, and he’s been getting a lot of attention lately on the interwebs. One of his latest motorcycles is the 1508 Hot Rod, inspired by American custom cars from the 1960s. (The 1508 comes from the date the frame was built, 15 August.) The 750cc engine comes from a Triumph T120, with the head apparently turned 180 degrees to maintain pressure in the carburetors
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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Lunar New Year...
Have a cracking Tiger year!!!

oh ya... Happy VD too... don't let the disease get to you...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Street Draggers Cycle

some corner in K-helL, Malaysia.... random pix of current works in progress..

Lee the JackAss at work..

wadayathink, bors?

more pix at deadClutch.

Vespa Sidecar

pic by Pornster.
Thx and takecare out there, bor...

Monday, February 08, 2010

yesterday's ride...

super sunny Sunday yesterday morning, and i'm taking Marni out for a ride with my club, Blind Eagle MC... the plan is to go to ISHD's record breaking attempt for most people riding a single motorcycle... anyway, as you can see, she's stipped now, but left the "couch" still attached... and i put on my old mini-ape just to balance the look.. we gathered at Jalan Patiunus for some chicken pooridge breakfast and waited for others to arrived..
one of our friend, Endang Dartiman showed up with his Panhead... he is one of those guys who just refuses to get old... that's a real Panhead motor and frame (from the early '50s if i'm not mistaken) mated with some electric starter and 5 speed gearbox...
it's an open beltdrive with a neat tin cover on it, with mid control... but my favorite, is his ignition switch... some how i liked that old switch being placed there... after everybody showed up, we head down to Kelapa Gading, on the eastern part of Jakarta... it was quite a ride from the southern part, along with Jakarta's traffic... as we approach our destination, we saw this fellow pushing his bike... it's a WL.. with upswept cocktail shakers.. red grips.. it's John McEnaney..!! we stopped to lend our hand.. he got a bit of weak spark... after a few sand paper on the spark plug, the motor roars back to life... but then, it's Marni's turn to refuse to start... we had to jumpstart the FXR.. we made it to the venue, but i didn't enjoy it as much as i would have if i didn't have any electrical problem...

we only spent about two hours there and had to split back home... the ride home was AMAZING as i rode an FXR and cutting thru Jakarta's traffic and big roads... next order of business, electrical diagnose...!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

local from Easy Ride Sunday

here's some pics from Easy Ride Sunday, the opening of Pistone Motorcylothes store...good people,great bikes...seems like everybody is having a great times...more pics at SSMC's blog...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

she is home at last...

Bors, meet Marni... and yes, she's my FXR... came a long way from Jogjakarta and in to my garage... i'm grining from ear to ear since last night and haven't stop smiling since... gonna start stiping her for the doodads, but the stock fenders, gas tank, and that couch would stay for a while... gonna be using my old factory mini apes just to balance the stock-hideous look... i'm too broke right now to start modifying, so i guess i'll be seeing lots of funny looks upon people's eyes when they see me riding...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

something lovely from Jogjakarta...

.. is coming to fill in the empty spot in my garage... she's already at my friend Jawir's shop, Stonehead Choppers... gonna pick her up after work today.. i can't wait...!!