Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Different Greaser

Uncle Bahoe  - cool old school Penang greaser. 
Cool garage, cool house too.

Hope that C90 Honda rides soon =]

Monday, November 28, 2011

look who's back...

yes folks, she's back in to the Greaser's Temple and Saint & sinnerS Motorclothes extended family... Sammy from Seringai & Lawless Jakarta is now the proud owner of this beauty... waste no time, she is fitted with a new set of shoes up front.. can't wait to ride with (along side) her again..

Friday, November 25, 2011

A different school

AhBen's.. Not far from the Brit Grease master in Kepong

Hair Grease

Works like a charm.. Need a charm to wash off too :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

grow your moustache...

... put on a Hawaiian shirt, and be there..!! this weekend, 6 great band, 1 incredible artwork lineup, good times for sure..!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mampang's Finest...

the lovely MHRQ, Crazy Trinity, and Dex's Maltesehead... major influences to my choice of two wheeled machinery... stole this pict from Dex's Primarydrive blog..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Checkout my hometown local skater Dinie, kid used to ride for me from my old skateshop the "Goofy Foot", think he was 12 or maybe 13yrs old back then, his skateboarding has been progressive ever since, quiet,shy kid but a lot of potential, hope he get some recognitions, if i had my ways i'd still be sponsoring him, Video made and shot by my friend "Chom" of the now still existing "Uneek" skateshop here in Brunei.

Urethane Burnouts

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Switchblade KL

another highlite of my trip is Asep and Deni's place, Switchblade KL. its a counter culture boutique and a restaurant.

one of the best burger i've ate.. that's my order Honey Mustard Chicken Burger.. juicy patty, great bun, super portion..!!

the meals are so good, we are all busy eating..!! if you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, spend some time to visit Switchblade KL in Solaris Dutamas complex... "Come for the clothes, Stay for the food!"

oh, and by the way, they also do amazing pizzas... with the most amazing pizza box i've ever see...
hey Asep, hope your pizza box is happy with it's new place in my magazine rack =)

24 hours in KL - SID - GT gathering..

so, last weekend i took Nadya on a holiday to watch Superman Is Dead perform live in Kuala Lumpur! how great could that be..??

i finally got to meet in person, the coolest people i've met on the web through Greasers Temple... that's KungLat, Dex, me, Asep, and Aporn... there's a gathering at Hard Rock Cafe - KL, where there's a few cover band playing Nirvana on the launch of their 20th anniversary album. so it's afternoon grunge time for us...

oh, dont forget the lovely ladies, that's Nadya with Mizz Deni and Ruhi...

Aporn trying to get me drunk...

later that night, dC leads us to this food court before the gig for some char kwey teow and chicken wings.. the place at Bukit Damansara left a big happy spot in my heart (and stomach)...

our lineup of hungry greasers... there's so many of us, they have to line a bunch of tables at the parking lot.

the boys from Warpigs with their Bakuteh...

the main event of the night.. SUPERMAN IS DEAD!! a crowd of 650ish OutSIDers gather for their heroes.. JRX, Bobby, and Eka rocked 15 of their hits to pleased the KL fans.. and they closed the concert with a bang where Eka sang "Kemesraan", mashed with "Jika Kami Bersama" surely that's gotta be hard to forget..!!

spotted a High Octane cap among the audience... perhaps Seringai would rock KL someday..?? =)

after the gig, Asep and Deni took us for a spin around town and make us do tourist stuff.. and that's the old Court House behind us... thanks to Deni for snapping pictures for us..

some super supper... Nasi Lemak CT Square... a midnight nasi lemak shop that offer you nasi lemak with the best sambal and all the condiment that you could think of..

we had a blast!! thank you Asep, Deni, Aporn, Ruhi, dC and Dexter for showing us one heeluva good time in Kuala Lumpur.. you guys rock..!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Bor..!!

3 years, 9 contibutors, 1260 post, countless friends and family support...

so here's one for them (and you) all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREASER'S TEMPLE..!!

may God bless all of us with great wheater, flawless motors setup, and exelent rides ahead...

Youth Pledge Day...

in Indonesia, today is celebrated as the Youth Pledge Day... where on October 28th, 1928, the various ethnic youth organization in Indonesia pledge to uphold one nation, one motherland, and one language, Indonesia!

to me, today, nobody said it better than the four gentlemen on the picture above... their music, their lyric, their spirit, and their everyday attitude, screams what Indonesian youth should be..

if you happen to speak or understand Indonesian language, do please check Seringai's Web through this link and look for their "Mengadili Persepsi". if you don't, please crank up the volume and just enjoy their music.

bottom end treasure cabinet...

for my treasures of life...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lawless Or Die

If you're happen to be in Jakarta this coming weekend, please come and stop by to Lawless or Die. It's a grand opening event for Lawless Rock n Roll Motorcyclothes & Tattoo. The store will supply local and international band CDs and merchandise, Vinyls, motorcycle related stuff such as t-shirts, toys, helmet, magazines and so many more. Also in addition they got Lawless Tattoo Studio on the 2nd floor....aah, and don't forget there will be free beer and you can win a free tattoo (but I'm not sure whether you can choose the design or not) there fukkers!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

sunday ride...

so this is a part of my mariage life... takin' the ol' lady out for the ride... only this time, someone remember to take pictures... thanks bor!!