Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bikes of KL bike fest

more to come !!


nevermind the bike rally... here's the real deal in KayhelL(besides the makan)- meet the Master. Abang Fahmi aka Greaser Master of british bikes.

Vero should have more and better pix of the GT crew's back-to-school experience... here are some

GT "crewsing" in kayHell

oops, the folks r still awake =]

@Street Draggers Cycle, KL

TQ, Trees of the lovely Feline Tattoo Co. for giving a hand...

Dex and Vero riding with uncle "Mean" Gene of HH, Sam Bustop of VSMG and the Warpig boys to KL Bike Rally

treasure chest...

suddenly i have to go to the bathroom, and my magz rack is all i could think off...

hangloose ! miss ya all bor !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Splittin Pitt Lanes?

Apparently clipped the end of the bars on a parked car while maneuvering between a van, feel sorry for the guy and the Shinya bike!, crashing sucks....

Greaser's Temple

GT crew, at the 2009 KL Bike Fest, organised by Red Garage of Malaysia.

Thanks DC..

Did not get a chance to meet you again, but thanks to Veroland, doing a 101 for me on your awesome ride at the 2009 KL Bike Fest, explaining how sweet your frontend works.

quick trip to Bandung

I went for a quick trip to Bandung,West Java about a week a ago. Got a chance to visit Didot at Retrogrades Slaughter House to check on my flathead project...snap some picture of the shop and what he's been workin' on....the rod is powered with Holden's in-line 6 cyl. engine...pretty neat, cant't wait til its done and hitting the street of Bandung...more pics at SSMC blog!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

sleeping at her dog house...

Dog House is what workers at Drilling Rigs called their place to rest and have a coffee break or snacks... well, that corner of my garage is hers (not for the coffee or snacks, just some oil change or quick bath)... guess i'll wake her up next Friday, and hope for good weather... if not, i'll just wake up the rest of the neighborhood...

Friday, October 23, 2009

it's weekend...

so put it in high gear and have fun... bottoms up..!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

squeek... squeek..

Eric's shift knob... really cant wait to see it rollin'...

Gorilla Punch...

one of my favorite bike is up for sale... check out Wrench Monkees for it..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

solo highway run... with the blues..

BluToo actually.... full story on deadClutch..

2 Strokes


More than a Sin..

Sinners, Jeff Decker inspiring within arts vision and mechanics and James Intveld , his songs captivated throughout the more country Rockabilly sounds for the pomade slicking hot rodders.

Damn! Missed the Chop Till Ya Drop party...

Hosted by Oerman in Belgium,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Next target

What's not to like?
Fuck the crisis.


Greetings from Macau

Submitted by : Olivier

Hi everyone, my name is Olivier..
I just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog.

I like cars...with big engine, and I like bikes too!!

maybe because my dad always bring me to this workshop since I wasn't even born.

I really like to hang out around the shop...

specially with GT crew ( he said his name is Rizky..nice guy! ).

I visit Greasers temple every time my dad leaving his laptop ( he never know about it, so don't tell him).

I can't wait until I get my License, so I can borrow Truckenstein from uncle Vero.

but for now, I just play with his die cast collection.

sometimes he play with me...

you see the 53 Merc behind the bike?
I told uncle Vero to work on it while I'm here...
and it has to be finished when I'm back.
I really excited about the project.
keep posting killer pics guys!!!