Friday, October 31, 2008

another volkswagen project

the missus personal project...its a 1302LS, just got a new paintjob...more pics soon!!


Is this the shit or what!

Another guy I know from here locally.

Mark, Duckman, van der Kwaak. A ruler!

Find him at

Vero, Xmas comes early this year

Send or bring?

Ron Finch

Herman Koach Kit

munster coach

Girls on Bikes

She's cute but I think she's to small for me...

John's WL

This one for you, Daddy Frisco...

32 Ford 5 windows

I have a thing for 32's all 3 windows, 5 windows especially roadsters, another one stolen from my friend Zonaldo.


Okay, okay, billet stuff sucks but hey at least some of it works hahah, checkout those rear struts hahahah aaaah when my wife prefers to bitch ride those days, i used to just let her sit on some old rags and look, when Le Pera's solo bare bones were the shits and yeah every other 40,000 bikers had one too and oh god those santee pipes( but at least i chopped mine), screamin eagle airs? didn't even do shit....more soon.

Look who it is!

Hope to see John's WL posted here..

Support Seringai!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Karmann Ghia

Here's another project I'm doing.
VW karmann we got from the USA.
Going for some welding and paint.

Top pic is how I found it. Bottom what it is now.

Barris Merc

Stole this from my friend Zonaldo, he takes great pictures!

times r bad...

my latest ride... ice cream anyone?




So, this is my first post, i guess it's fair enough to show u guys how my bike first looked like when i got it off a Pilot guy, never posted this anywhere, i have to be honest, some of us were there once, i was still flip flapin the owners manual back then and tried my hands on a few knic knacs on the bike like wirings, bolts fixtures and shits like that, so this is what it looked like post grease monkeying, i will gradually post more stuff of what i did or progress with my own ride and other materials, thanks to Vero for the invite and what can i say?, let's ride and rock n' roll!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kape from Suicidal Sinatra

John Edward's Pan

aren't we all...??

photo taken by Dipta

one kick, and ready to roll...

first post... cheers..!!

more beezer...

the bikes were build at Retrogrades love shack, Bandung, West Java...the brown chop, owned and built by Didot, the red chop owned by Bogel...

nice color & stripe

Flying Dutchmans blog

Here's a link to the blog of a guy I know in Holland.

Maurice / Flying Dutchman knows the insides and outs of the chopperscene in Socal like no one else here. His blog is a pleasure to read, he writes for our local biker mag Bigtwin and he does his own foto's of which this is one.

Monsters Of Psychobilly

i miss this bike



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Custom Cycle


One of the bands you might never want to miss in any music/bike events.
Claimed as a high octane rock band, this fully boozed-pumped rock band plays really tight. Check out their MySpace page and listen to some of their tracks. They write good lyrics. The artworks are full with skulls and seriously well designed, too.

My favorite tracks: "Kilometer Terakhir", "Alkohol", "Membakar Jakarta" and "Serigala Militia".
Think of: Motorhead meets Slayer and Black Sabbath, with touch of Crue, and influences of local rockahhh like Roxx & Godbless, too.

If you think it's too loud, maybe you're just too old. Whoa!


Welcome, lets have fun!

King Cole

I have been blessed to be able to visit Cole Foster from the Salinas Boys a couple of times and man, can this guy build! He is one of my alltime heroes.
His wife Susan is sending me his book. Just came out and cannot be missed in any collection. Can't wait to receive it!

picture boldly stolen from Flying Dutchman

Johntof introduction

Wow! Vero and Ade, you don't know what you 've started...
Get ready to rumble because this may grow out to be one hell of an asskicker blog!
I am John, live in the Netherlands and have been an oldskool freak for quiet a few years now. Above are my rides, A '52 GMC with a straight 6 blueflame engine mostly original and a old style racer due to be ready next month.
The temptation to switch to the darkside and chop and drop the pickup is big. On the other hand it would be a waist since the truck is close to original and we don't want to piss of the purists now do we?! .... NOT!
The bike has a 125bhp 103cui engine built buy Marcel from Bikehospital here in the Netherlands. Further an S&S D, Rolling Thunde rigid frame, Jockeyshift and autoclutch. Really can't wait to try this contraption out.
Also have a yamaha XS650 hardtail waiting to be rebuilt...
Hope to be posting more along the way! Ride hard or don't ride at all.

Bogel's Beezer



51 Merc

First post