Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bill Mize's Ironhead

really dig this bike a lot..... Bill Mize did one helluva bike there... period..!!

Norton VS Yamaha

racin'... turning left... goin fast...!!!


that's one fast coffin...

Monday, June 29, 2009

so far...

this is what Betsy look like after almost a month of tear-downs and re-works... frame and jugs lookin' shiny... engine parts already polished.. the new pegs is also there... just waiting for new brake pads and clutch spring to be installed, and also new grips and new air cleaner cover... and the lowered front forks... and the new ribbed primary cover... cant wait for next week..!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

rocker boy

In the pic is Mr.Eka Rock of Superman Is Dead, Indo punk rock ambassador. The boys are currently touring USA and playing gigs at Vans Warped Tour. They will be the first asian band that haven't got any record released in the US that will play at the Warped Tour. Go check the tour dates at http://www.warpedtour.com or http://www.supermanisdead.net/. If you happen to be around go check them out. As for the neat bike, its a flathead chop build by Reka from Jogja, Central Java.


Lone ride yesterday, stopped to watch the sunset...

Friday, June 26, 2009

XL-nite out...

i really miss riding out at night... especially with Wra.. two lowered-stock framed-quadcams wandering the streets of South Jakarta looking for sum midnight snack... and with sum good lights, you can bet he'll come up with great shots like this...

Kadek's Ironhead

i really dig this bike... a lot..!! full of attitude... i really hope that i'll be able to ride with Kadek Astina someday... respect bor..!

stole the pict from Vero's website..

Dead Angel

Farah Fawcett.....Dead, too bad..


I have to admit to owning few of his albums and they were awsome on the era that it was awsome, poor guy actually come to think of it, minding his own business, again r.i.p. MJ.

A greaserBor's new toy...

Dex came to town... AirAsia delay and bad elbow notwithstanding... brought a nice piece of joy to my "cosmic greaser twin" Asep of VSMG...

The proud owner of a new lowrider custom.

VS Ai got out of bed to join us... "supervise" the assembly...

All smiles...

VSMG President Joe Silas is the caretaker of Asep's new ride... for tonite...
No happier "kid" in town =]

It's gonna be helluva 3 weeks ahead... starting at VSMG party this weekend in Kuantan!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loud Pipes Heaven

Beer Guts and Dudy, city riding, splittin lanes and terrorizing the neighbourhood with their Loudest!!

Ride Brunei

John McEnaney, far left riding on the Brunei highways...

Fatty Boy

My good friend Razak from Kuching Sibu testing his ride after done fabricating his front and rear fenders, which i designed for him here in Brunei......freakishly tall fella!

Blue Chopper

Azhan's Bike..


I found this Pic somewhere on the net, but i just dont know who the manufacturer is and i want it for my rear master cylinder brake fluid cannister, any info?

the bug is back

Finally...the Volkswagen project is done...well,it's not 100% done...still have to work on the interior...but for now I've choose baby supplies over car interior..hahaha

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These guys are the greatest! i thank you Dex, Wira for taking time out to hang with me bors, Kemang was sweet, Cafe Loca, perfect spot for even a quarter of the GT crew, it was a blast exchanging ideas, great to have finally met Wira in person, down to earth kinda guy, young but still a potential to be a great dad, i thank you for taking time out to hang with me apart from your family, Dex as always Santey!! really hope to join you and DC in K.L. if time permits me, have a great time and enjoy what you're doing bor, too bad i didn't get to see the big guy on this trip, but Vero, just wanna wish you all the best on your ecstatic soon to be journey, hope you get to meet all your heroes hahahah....and to S.A.M. (hahahaha remembering his gut twisting jokes)i've got nothing but respect for this guy especially how he welcomed me to KAC and how HE entertained my " ol' lady "(biker lingo)and her friends, you're the best Sam......."Dauuud Jugaaaaa!!!" ahahahahah.....until the next homecoming, thanks again guys for your endless hospitality.

Skate Decks for Dex...

found these on Death Machine Corpse
Sweet... laser engraved...
New elbow not included... hehehehe... oinks

another sweet sx

Dex would luv this...

Monday, June 22, 2009

re rake elbow

yeah, i need re-rake elbow !

i miss her...

this is the last picture i take of her before she went in to makeover... the cracked primary cover kinda brought in a blessing in disguise... i guess its time to rework on sum stuff... the primary cover is first.. new cluctch springs.. lowered the front-end.. re-paint the frame.. new air cleaner.. metalflake handgrips.. blah.. blah.. blah.. i guess it's almost four weeks since i left her.. can't wait to get home and see her new stands...

the black tibetans

Finally got a copy of the black tibetans cd, big thanx goes to Mr.MattD at http://www.dicemagazine.com/ for hookin me up with this awesome cd. It consist 3 tracks of pure rockin and rollin...nicely done Dean. Cheers

Saturday, June 20, 2009

puzzle pieces, part 3..

i got this lovely ribbed air cleaner from Vero as a birthday present... it definitely going to complete the puzzle.. i'll do a bit of polishin' to make it blings.. thanks a lot for it bor...!!

family cars...

i surely can tell that they have good taste in cars...

Dago's Sporty...

i always love the sexy look of Ironhead sporty... slim, compact, with perky cylinder heads...
narrow front end with 21" spool hub wire wheels gives a lovely lean and long looks...

even with the perfect sized rear ends and a just-right sissy bar... sexy...

the pictures of the bike was stolen from Dago's Speed Shop... but the girl seems to get in the way..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jesse James' new toy


321+ km/hr

tee shirt

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