Sunday, May 31, 2009



XS teaser

A friend of mine is working on my XS650 now. It will just be a low budget project but I think I love it even more because of that.
Here's a teaser.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arlin Fatland

I finally found some pictures of Arlin Fatland's bikes...I think, He's one of the great builder out there. Found out about him in an article in some magazine(can't really remember which magz) in the 90's and found out that He actually build some killer lookin bad I haven't found pics of the brown choppers and the scalloped knuck( if I'm not mistaken) choppers that He built.

Sir John Leo McEnaney

Happy birthday!!!
Care for another session of rooftop bbq party at KickAss workshop Mampang, with another delicious Balinese foods? :)

Wishing you all the very best... And, have an ass kickin' one!

Greasers Temple crew



Thursday, May 28, 2009

warming up the tyres...

Courtney Force...

tank tops and V8s... lethal combo..!!

dunno lah !

photo courtesy : MITZY

August is coming...

go to Bali... for some Matah chilli sauce and some ice cold Bintang beer from Circle K...

i guess...

the third bike from the right on the second row, is Wra's bike...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addicted to SAMCRO

how bout this engine..??

Drag Racing spec of a Vincent...

ok, back to Engine

how bout dual mags on a Knuckehead

wow that was quick!

hehehehe...since you're a GT contributor, you dont get anything hahahahah....ok ok i'll buy u a beer next time!

Brad...we have to stop compete each other

Indian larry legacy



Rooke's Indian motor

Rooke's KTM motor

Gen shovel ...

Come on!!

even customized softail?

Okay! I give up! you win!



Guess who's kickin the Zero?


Comin back for a visit again somewhere in June, can't wait!

Dual carb

a simple solution for you Rizky...
save the time,money and your health for a Kustom Kar project!! haha!!

Desmo Shovel

How bout this?
also from the man Keino!
1978 Ducati 900ss heads on a Shovel!!

or think about this...

Keino's next project i guess... found this baby at his blog... sweet..!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...and now, need to think !

Ness Van

remember this one?

Come on Bam bam !!!!!

The shop at San Bernandino, CA

original denver's choppers/berdoo choppers shop

think ?

Ron Simms

Respect !!!

sumthin like this maybe..??

Keiji kawakita from Hot-Dock is trully amazing, he came up with this 4-Valve XR-Style engine years ago... i guess its excelent for Evo-Sportys... i really admire his engine work... check out his stuff at i just wish he made sumthin like this for Ironhead.. big respect for Keiji..

surely i'm thiking bout this right now...

not the wearing-cape-thing, but the XR-Engine and the dual carb-dual intake kind of thing... really considering of using two carbs with the XR-style setup on my Ironhead... is it doable bors..?? oh ya, and also the wheelie thing... hmmm... lots of guts involved..!!

Yeah! don't think!