Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Warbird II

Don't get me started now !

This bike is built by Danny Franssen. Some people consider him god. I think he is really really REALLY good. Met him a few times, got drunk with him and I bought a nice custom made wheel from him(1,50x21", 40spoke) and arranged a 2.75x21 speedmaster for him and some salinasboys shirts.(what is the point of mentioning this?)
There is a seperate topic all about him on the jockey journal. Check it out. You'll like it! He is a regular legend and lives here in Belgium.

Bottom pic is the mock-up. The kit indeed is a corbin which he bought cheap somewhere after he bought the FXR. The FXR was also at a price he could not resist. Allthough not a fan of FXR's, like he said, I think this one turned out pretty neat!
Need more pics? Let me know.

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Veroland said...

Super clean! Well done !