Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rebel "With" A Cause.

" Hell-Met "

" Blurry bikes for blurry nights "

Jam, the " Rockabilly Drunkboi "



revdeckster said...

mmm, i saw toilet seat red bagger, he's not ya krew !

Daddy Frisco said...

nope, but a badass elder, kinda like Mr "Ralph Hubert", a real cut throat guy, he used to ride choppers too, an fxd, but at his age now, he's settling for a toilet seat tourer he he least he taught us well, like never buy new harleys from the dealer, avoid direct contact with the bloodsuckers at the dealership,so no LOVE there!, he practically stole that electra glide classic from a yuppie doin a bad deal he he he.....he's not my crew though, too old!,except he's ex-commando, no one dares touches him here, u know how it goes bor, he he he, nuthin but respect lah, plus a father figure.