Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Apply Pompadour in Yer Head

Now you've realized how pompadour can steal someone else's attention. Ah, lemme' do you a favor. This is "The Purrr-fect Pompadour in Easy Steps";

Needed: Murray's Beeswax (well, actually you can replace Murray's with other brands - of course!), comb, hot water
Hair Length: Beatles length, short in back
  1. After shower, comb hair straight back.
  2. Rub beeswax in both palms, apply to wet hair
  3. Comb through once and rinse comb well.
  4. Pull forehead hair forward from left to right.
  5. Comb hair up and over from left to right.
  6. Look in mirror, adjust, check the back.
Zappp! Now you can drive your '51 Mercury to yer girl's crib. Others will just sob and wish they are just as kool as you. Whoa!

Oh, by the way, I always love the Murray's Superior - the orange one - can and it's design. Vintage, yet classy. Don't you think so?

*this journal is inspired by Erichatheway's blog. The "How's" taken fully from his. Pictures from his blog and also from, again, holy Google.


Veroland said...

ok, gonna try tonight! on what? hehehehe...

revdeckster said...

since me and vero, member of the KING KROPOS...i think, we avoid pompadour stuff for awhile...

Ade Putri said...

For a while? Ha.

jrx said...

i've been a loyal orange murray's junkie from 1998, slick back or spikey, murray's the only way to do it!