Thursday, December 31, 2009


okay..its a bit late for a Christmas wishes...but anyway...I would like to wish u all, especially my fellow GT crew...a happy holiday and a happy new year...hopefully in 2010 we all live in prosperity and walk toward a better life...

Have a great new year!

to all followers, short stop readers, fans and especially my friends and family of the Greasers Temple crew, Veroland, Deckster, John, Wira, Rizky, Dre66, DC and Ade Putri, i wish you guys and gal a blessing 2010, enjoi your holidays, have a great one and hope to continue this great journey again. Keep it greasy!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy holiday !

dear all,
may all the love, luck and joyful be with us ! wishin' happy new "greaserstemple" year !

chuck still the tough, bronson still the meanest, clint is the kool, and james still ride the lighning !
blaaa blaa blaaa....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

wishes for everyone...

have a great holiday... Merry X-mas folks... best wishes for everyone..!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mother's Day...

Indonesians celebrate Mother's day on December 22nd... so' happy belated Mother's Day..!!

no school choppers ?

so famliar ! they called " NO SCHOOL CHOPPERS "....mmm look at the fonts ????

Saturday, December 19, 2009

visiting a friend

A few days ago I got the chance to visiting Jawir of Stonehead Choppers. Its a one man operated little chop shop...Jawir is a down to earth, straight forward kinda guy,its always fun just to hang out at his shop...He done almost anything by himself...except paint and some other stuff...I mean, this guy build his first frame based on a drawing on his garage a perfect example how one man necessity could boost limitless creativity...the shovel on the pics is his personal ride, its been undergoing some was a hi neck&way out there springer front end kinda bike, now he's been chopping up the frame(the actual frame that he build based on the drawing on the wall) lowering the neck, new tank and fender,handlebar...fabricated the parts and some other goodies...lookin good already...can't wait to see it done...more of the pics at SSMC's blog...


Bōsōzoku are known to modify their bikes in peculiar and often showy ways. A typical customized bosozoku bike usually consists of an average Japanese road bike that appears to combine elements of an American chopper style bike and a British café racer, for example: oversized visored fenders like those found on café racers, "sissy" bars and raised handle bars like those on a chopper. Loud paint jobs on the fenders or the gas tanks with motifs such as flames or kamikaze style "rising sun" designs are also quite common. The bikes will often be adorned with stickers and/or flags depicting the gang's symbol or logo. There are also marked regional differences in motorcycle modifications. For example, Ibaraki bōsōzoku are known to modify their motorcycles in an extensively colorful, flashy way. They will often have three or four oversized visored fenders in a tower like way in a motorcycle painted in bright yellow or pink with Christmas light–like adornments.

Bosozoku also have a distinct style of car modification, eponymously called "bosozoku style".[1] These cars are often modified with large exhaust pipes, bright paint, and large aero kits. Also popular are oil coolers or less commonly large turbo or supercharger intercoolers with highly polished tubing, usually mounted in a prominent position in the front bumper (wikipedia)

matt mumford

One of the most hardcore skater around!!...right Ray?....hahhahah

Friday, December 18, 2009

big fun..!!

Friday weekend warm-ups is coming... avoid the traffic jam, stay up late, and have fun...!!

i'm hungry...

and craving for satay... Padang style...!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pornster @ taj mahal

Take care out there, bor
Curry in a hurry :)
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

slumdogs pornster

name : pornster
cap : greasers temple
t shirt : kickasschoppers
pants : model own
location : mumbai


this is the original magnesium Fontana four leading shoes.
250mm diameter..thats nearly 1o inch brake!
and I don't have to tell how much it worth.

for those who wanna do a flip with their cigarette butt..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Indo chopper history

This cover shot for Aktuil magazine( Indonesian music magazine from the 70s-80s) is a valid proof that chopper culture was already sprouted since way back in Indonesia. In the cover was the late Gito Rollies(RIP) of Indonesian greatest rocker strike a pose on a period correct brit or Honda chopper...I mean look at all the goodies, the handlebars, the Maltese cross mirror, oh and lets not forget those way out there front end and also Gito's bitchin' afro look...just perfect...I always wonder where did all those choppers from that era now,because I couldn't find any info, basket case, parts or remains of those Indo 70s choppers....its just gone, its like those choppers was never exist here.

RS- Daaaamn....

From RS to another RS, Pro Sk8er Ryan Sheckler doin looks to me like a 180 ollie over his new RSD tricked 07 Softail, guess the legacy of skateboarders and bikes will be here for awhile....sorry haters!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

good one...

got this from T-bone's reminds me to my conversation with vero about trends in the so called kustom kulture world...I guess, it'll all come down to each personal preferences and taste...but sometimes there's some people out there that didn't really get it but then they act like Mr.know it!!

hotrot datsun

The traditional hot rods are usually powered by a V8. Chevys, Flatheads, Hemis are all pretty common. Here are a pair of hot rods that go against the grain by using the good old L series.
Street Rodder magazine did a series of articles in 1976-77 about their "Datsun Street Roadster" project car. It was built with a Model A frame, glass '29 Ford body, and L20B and running gear from a Datsun 620 pickup (via Nissan's US Manager of Technical Engineering, Bob Whitehead). The car set a G/Street Roadster record of 115.786 at Bonneville in '76.
From the June issue of Street Rodder, 1977

let me hear the Drums!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

norton gearhead-racing

look at the front brake set up !

for vero ! fontana drumbrake

FONTANA replicas by MENANI: Quality
reproductions of the brakes found on the fast
factory racing machines of the sixties:

250mm 4LS front 40 hole

Moto Guzzi 850T by WrenchMonkees

Standard engine, K&N filters. Aprox 60 HP.
Standard front fork. Standard swingarm
4.00 x 18 front - 4.00 x 18 rear.
ABM steelbraided brakehose. Tomaselli clip-on´s.
WM throttle grip. Tarozzi rearsets.
WM rearframe.
WM seat. WM rear fender.
WM wirering harness.
WM rearlight. WM tank.

taken from :

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

GT crew weekend...

somewhere in Jakarta over a rainy, traffic-filled, ass-laddering, knee-knocking, tiles breaking, gastro-fulfilling santey weekend... GT crew congregated...

Wake up, Jakarta!!

Ade in the control room..

WRA dropped in to preview Vero's '76 ironhead project...
Nice new designs on those Saints and Sinners T-shirts too, bor!!

Me on that fab panhead - "they told me she's still around.." =]
Next to me, some wicked artwork by Arya on the new mean chopper.

Rev Dexter checking out Desu's speedy ride...

Be careful who you pick up from the mall...
John McEncyclopedea-naney of Harley-Davidson... a GG(Greaser Guru) =]
We gave him a ride, fed him CocaCola, chips, good Padang food... and he hung out til 3am....
Sure learnt alot from him.... it was great to see you, John!

GT crew count - 5 + 1 GG...
Maybe one day we will have all 9 + the GGS in one place....
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