Monday, December 14, 2009

Indo chopper history

This cover shot for Aktuil magazine( Indonesian music magazine from the 70s-80s) is a valid proof that chopper culture was already sprouted since way back in Indonesia. In the cover was the late Gito Rollies(RIP) of Indonesian greatest rocker strike a pose on a period correct brit or Honda chopper...I mean look at all the goodies, the handlebars, the Maltese cross mirror, oh and lets not forget those way out there front end and also Gito's bitchin' afro look...just perfect...I always wonder where did all those choppers from that era now,because I couldn't find any info, basket case, parts or remains of those Indo 70s choppers....its just gone, its like those choppers was never exist here.


wra said...

after takin another good look at the pic I think its an XS powered chopper..

rizky mandra said...

aaa... sweeet..!! the man got style..!! may he ride in peace up there..