Saturday, December 19, 2009

visiting a friend

A few days ago I got the chance to visiting Jawir of Stonehead Choppers. Its a one man operated little chop shop...Jawir is a down to earth, straight forward kinda guy,its always fun just to hang out at his shop...He done almost anything by himself...except paint and some other stuff...I mean, this guy build his first frame based on a drawing on his garage a perfect example how one man necessity could boost limitless creativity...the shovel on the pics is his personal ride, its been undergoing some was a hi neck&way out there springer front end kinda bike, now he's been chopping up the frame(the actual frame that he build based on the drawing on the wall) lowering the neck, new tank and fender,handlebar...fabricated the parts and some other goodies...lookin good already...can't wait to see it done...more of the pics at SSMC's blog...

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