Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some guys have all the luck

Received this pic on my blackberry from a certain guy who was playing with his brand new blackberry from his lazy seat on Bali where he is for "socalled" work. And this very same joker is taking a one month holiday next month in the very place I dream of being now.

Having said all this; the poor bastard doesn't even know how to blog with his blackberry. HAH!


Veroland said...

Original John T

Veroland said...

Yeahhh!!! I did it!
I can posted comment with blackberry!!

wra said...

niceeee...but remember bor...blacberry kills!!...Hi,John..hows things?

John said...

Hey Wira! All fine here. How bout you and the baby? What do you mean BB kills?
El Cheapo was asking about you for motorised mag. Did you order? I told him i can help to send to you. Let me know ok?

wra said...

Good to hear all the doin great.The baby doin great man. You gotta watch 7 pounds, Will smith latest movie then you know what I mean. Yeaah man, please tell Elcheapo I will definitely made my order sometimes soon, I just haven't got the chance to do all the magazine order stuff. Thanx a lot John.

dC said...

crackberry greasers - guilty!