Friday, May 08, 2009

Retrogrades ribbed pegs...

as i posted this pictures, Didotz from Retrogrades sent a package of pegs that he made for me to my house in Jakarta. it's a package which consist a pair of female-style-mountings foot pegs, a shifter pegs, and a matching kicker pegs
damn, too bad i'm still in Borneo on my assignment, really cant wait to get home and put on these lovely pegs... big respect for Didotz of Retrogrdes for his fine works..!!
stay tuned coz i'll be posting some more picture of it after i see it in person.


Daddy Frisco said...

wow those looks nice, do they make em' in brass?

rizky mandra said...

for sure bor... they also make 'em in brass... if you need more info, give me an email on i'll see what i can do to help bor... cheers..!!