Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Last saturday night, i had the pleasure of riding fast and fun on one of Jakarta's main streets, the Sudirman and Thamrin. i rode with my club, Blind Eagle MC, and also with Bikers Brotherhood MC, while their having their members from Bandung, West Java, come and visit for the Otobursa '09 in Senayan. the ride itself was to escort our guest to their hotel in Kebayoran from Menteng.

once we've reached the hotel, we stopped and parted with our guest so they can rest for the night. while we're on our way to our bikes, i spotted a sticker on a gastank which says:
"Tuhan menciptakan Dajjal dan Supir Angkot untuk menguji kesabaran umat manusia"
which translate: "God create Satan and Angkot Driver to test the patience of mandkind"

for me, that was just hillarious and in someways, TRUE for those who ever visited Jakarta or Bandung, you've probably noticed the traffic jam in those cities, and if i could say, it was terrible. this also occur in most Major cities in Indonesia
What is an Angkot..?? well, it's a minibus which used to carry passenger on a designated route. it's sort of a bus, but with a smaller dimension and could reach people in suburban location.
the problem with this public transportation is the lack of order-ness of the driver, where they stop at any location, at sudden moves, blockin the traffic, and felt ignorance about it like they did nothing wrong... no self awareness of others who also uses the road. and on routes which have public markets, malls, or schools, you could find flocks of Angkot on both sides of the road waiting on passenger while didn't care about takin 2/3 of the road and cause bottlenecking of traffic
sorry if i'm ranting about this matter, i've managed to set my schedule to avoid Angkot caused traffic jam. i just find that the quote is so hilarious but true.

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