Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life from the Sins show



revdeckster said...

i should go to that event sumday...and visit sik aswell...nice report john ! bet lotsa brassknuckle there..ha ha ha

John said...

didn't see too many brassknuckle lying around on the floor... I did bring my switchblade just in case though.

It was a nice show. Quiet at first but as the day matured the people arrived.
Too many nice cars and taking pictures with my phone was boring. Better you check limpe iven, elcheapo or some other site for good quality pictures.

I went with the GMC pick-up but it looked like a showrod compared to some rustbuckets you could find there. And it is just the rustbuckets that have soooo much character.

next weekend is our forummember get together. Sik will be preforming. It's gonna be sick!