Monday, April 20, 2009

global warming ?

Many of us the saying, we should "stop the global warming",sending/forwarding emails about it...
but there's no action at all.

so ? do something about it.

just start from the simple thing;

stop using the plastic bag.use the fabric bag for shopping and anyway you could still use it all over again...
but dont use a recycle condoms its bad for your health !

separate the trash:
there's is the humid,plastic&cans that cannot be mixed up together.

well that's just some of it, but trust me, it WILL make the change!
please show that you care.for the entire world.
for your better future

you might not feel it,but the world is coming to an end.


John said...

Have you been smoking somthing funny again?

revdeckster said...

ha ha ha.....knucklepot !

rizky mandra said...

no john.. its because of a delicious black-pepper-with-apple-juice steak that dex cooked... he he he... damn, i missed the slurpy feast.. teach me how to cook that bor...