Monday, April 13, 2009

Foundation Custom..

Dex just posted a pict of the same bike on his it's a Foundation Custom's Sportster. i just happen to have a similar pict, outdoor..

i first saw the pict of the bike on the 1st issue of Street Chopper after Greg Friend replace Howard Kelly as its editor. the mag got Johnny Chop's F.U.L.H as its cover, and it was the 1st issue of the mag that i subscribed.

enough about the blahs... i sooo love the wheels...!!! Foundation Customs rules..!!


Daddy Frisco said...

yeah, i remember this one where they shot it in the barber shop with the Rockabilly Rider....sweet!

rizky mandra said...

sweet huh bor..?? the best pict was when he did the burnout with the drag-slick rear tyre.. nicee...!!