Tuesday, October 28, 2008


One of the bands you might never want to miss in any music/bike events.
Claimed as a high octane rock band, this fully boozed-pumped rock band plays really tight. Check out their MySpace page and listen to some of their tracks. They write good lyrics. The artworks are full with skulls and seriously well designed, too.

My favorite tracks: "Kilometer Terakhir", "Alkohol", "Membakar Jakarta" and "Serigala Militia".
Think of: Motorhead meets Slayer and Black Sabbath, with touch of Crue, and influences of local rockahhh like Roxx & Godbless, too.

If you think it's too loud, maybe you're just too old. Whoa!


Veroland said...

Hell yeah Seringai !!

wra said...

absolutely one of the best band out there!!

John said...

Hm, haven't heard of them (yet) I'll take a look at their myspace. I am heavily into britney spears myself. ;-)