Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Johntof introduction

Wow! Vero and Ade, you don't know what you 've started...
Get ready to rumble because this may grow out to be one hell of an asskicker blog!
I am John, live in the Netherlands and have been an oldskool freak for quiet a few years now. Above are my rides, A '52 GMC with a straight 6 blueflame engine mostly original and a old style racer due to be ready next month.
The temptation to switch to the darkside and chop and drop the pickup is big. On the other hand it would be a waist since the truck is close to original and we don't want to piss of the purists now do we?! .... NOT!
The bike has a 125bhp 103cui engine built buy Marcel from Bikehospital here in the Netherlands. Further an S&S D, Rolling Thunde rigid frame, Jockeyshift and autoclutch. Really can't wait to try this contraption out.
Also have a yamaha XS650 hardtail waiting to be rebuilt...
Hope to be posting more along the way! Ride hard or don't ride at all.


Veroland said...

Nice truck John ! and a killer Bike too!

Ade Putri said...

Hola, John! I'd love to ride the truck! *sweet*

revdeckster said...

52 GMC ? mmm.......yumeeee