Sunday, October 04, 2009

Holy Crab!!

i got stuck in Balikpapan, East Borneo, earlier this week due to the smoke fog from the forest fire somewhere in the middle of the island.. the flight couldn't fly to Tarakan because the airport was closed.. that means i've got the chance to try one of the crab restaurant in the city.. Yaayy..!! there are two restaurants that are famous for their crab, Kepiting Kenari and Dandito.. Kepiting Kenari got a branch in Tarakan, which i'm more familiar with, so i went for the Dandito for some new adventure of taste..the black pepper sauce was kinda thin and sweet.. i guess they put sweet soya sauce in it.. not to powerfull pepper aftertaste in your mouth... it's okay, but i still prefer the competitor.. and also, they didn't cracked the monstrous claw before they mixed the crab in to the sauce.. they serve it with this special crab pliers to open them, but still i have to clean the shell debris...
the special Dandito sauce is quite better, it got this tangy feeling... like Padang style crabs that's commonly sold in Jakarta, sweet and spicy.. full of flavor, but refreshing... i dig the lemongrass and lemon leaves very much... this one is deserve it's name very much..
but the big gong for the night was the sauteed watercress... no fancy extras, just watercress and the regular spices... garlic, shallot, chilli, etc... BUT, they also added some sesame seed oil which enriched the whole flavor... yum yum!!

PS: Dex, when you're going to Balikpapan, you should try this... it's not far away from the airport.. or, try the Kepiting Kenari also... bon apetite..!!


Daddy Frisco said...

wow! looks crabylicious!!

revdeckster said...

i ll fly on 6th ! crabylicious kustom !