Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blind Eagle MC

classic bikes, good friends, the passion for smooth cruise on the road, and endless good times is what we're all about... Tom the El-Presidente with his lovely wife Sinta... his road-life experience is my main source of knowledge when dealing with old motors.. the man who taught me "when the bike didn't need to be teared apart, don't even try to tear it..."
Jacky the club's Advisor... my main source of Dickies pants... his '54 Matchless is literally one solid mo-fos..!! and he rides like hell on it..
Bayu, Tom's little brother, the man who puts hours and tons of patience in re-wiring my bike...

and me having a blast with good riding companion and trusted friends...

Jose and his wife Esie was kind enough to snap these picture using my crappy pocket cam..

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