Thursday, August 06, 2009

For Wira..

So, everyone i know keeps asking me, "whats your next ride?" is it gonna be the new street glide or maybe electra glide or a road king?......hahaha these questions actually came up due to the extensive transformation of my softail, cuz i used to ride em cross country like hell, i mean hey, dont get me wrong, i did not have my bike built for custom road shows or bar hopping, in my case "Cafe hopping"... i'll still ride it like i'm being chased by a banshee or something close to that, but what i really have in mind is something close to a cross country tracker, so sorry guys, no hard body heavy tourers for me( not yet, or so? or maybe my son is old enuf to ask for rides haha ) most probably i will get me a Sportster and build me a rough edge cross country tracker with dirt tires and that bob tail fender is oh so inspiring for dirt deflections and maybe ATV's handlebars, well whatever it is, i'd like to say, if you have not yet understand "IT" dont diss "IT", and oh sooooo please dont call it a girls bike, just quit with all the stereotyping, even if it says "883Low", dont put the word "Only" in your sentences, have you ever tried drag racin with a Sportster? man those displacements!?, well, i'm just sayin, then again it's just me....i never diss anything with two wheels....i love all of em!


rizky mandra said...

yesss... you should... he he he... perhaps other people call's it "Girl's Bike" because it's sooo cool and hot chicks digs the boys who rode them... hmm... i wonder if that's true...??

Daddy Frisco said...

ahahaha.....yeah go ahead flatter yourself Riz hehehe, yup i'm gonna consider it you bet!