Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday snaps...

went out for a ride yesterday with Adit, and the crew from Cipaku... meet up at Automall SCBD, Jakarta, then went to the old H-D dealer HQ, the TB. Simatupang branch of Mabua Harley-Davidson. free breakfast there every Sunday Morning... Yum Yum..!!
the ride there was great... we were agile enough to cut trough traffic and splitting lanes... the bike run flawless... the new carb and clutch setup really works out... and the new brake pads on my drum brake really help to stop... a lot..!!
yes people, it's Starbucks...! cut some part out of a chocolate container can (which the large choco coin is veerryyy delicious), and use it as my carb cover... it was quite thin and compensate the thick intake that hold my CV carb... and it matches my green Super Sixties throttle grip... sweeeet...!!

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Daddy Frisco said...

Caffiene on Iron....whatta match hehehe nice one Riz!