Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have great respect for this guy, Mike Vallely, Pro Sk8er, frontman for Revolution Mother and real down to earth kinda guy, lives on his own term rule and no bullshit family man, a real icon since i dont know when, i've followed his journey since his Peralta days till now with team Element, " Stand Strong".


wra said...

hell yeaaah...one of the sickest guy in sk8boarding world...I remember back in the day when he was bald, mean lookin skater...and yes, he wrestle...true hardcore hero!!

Daddy Frisco said...

hahaha yeah, bald and beating up more guys than anyone can handle! i saw him acting in one movie called Paul Blart Mall Cop recently alongside BMX Pro Rick Thorne, pretty cheesy awesome at the same time.