Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boards by Kat von D

I really like Kat von D's work. Today I ordered her book and a couple of boards. (Will make nice wall hangers)
At the same time I ran in to the website from Kim Saigh. She is really hot aswell! Hell, all the girls at LA Ink are hot!
Don't know what it is but what was a fancy for women with tattoos seems to become a really serious fetish. WTF is wrong with me?


revdeckster said...

agreed !...did she made knucklebrass edition ?

wra said...

haaa...I believe its bam margera's pro deck...niiicee..but, I prefer Jason jessee santa cruz decks..the graphics were awesome..

Daddy Frisco said...

yeah saw some of these hanging off'a Bam's crib, pretty awesome grafix, i'd have to agree with Jasons SC decks though! on my way to search for a certain Dogtown deck i saw once when i was in Singapore at a friend local sk8 shop, just hope he's sellin it this time he he talks!

John said...

Hahaaha! The jessee decks are like the holy grail. For those of you you who know him; Flying Dutchman (photographer) has a complete set I think. Maybe we should just brassknucklebust his collection.
But anyway, after 10years you guys will be begging to me to sell these decks to you! ;-)

wra said... least I know whom to call if I'm lookin for those decks...