Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 opening ride...

ecstasy... you know those addictive substances right..?? well, i guess that's what our opening ride feels like.. *in a good kinda way* on the night of January 2nd, the four of us gathered in front of Vellodome, a fixed gear bicycle shop, trying to find a decent place to eat while enjoying the incredible weather that night.. Joshua on his Sportster, Eby on the '10 Bonnie, Vero on The Pan, and i took Marni to stroll around the southern part of Jakarta for some steak and beers.. the bikes run flawless, and we found this German-style-bar called Die Stube to chow some barbequed meat and talk some stories... if only there are 30 hour on Sunday nights, we wouldn't be headin home after that... but we did, and with a big smile upon our face, to welcome 2011.
Happy New Year bor... may you all had one hell of a kickstart for this year..!!

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