Friday, September 17, 2010

Ketjil Kitchen...

...which translate in to "small kitchen", is a chique small restaurant in one of the best location in Sudirman Central Bussiness District in Jakarta... why do i called it the best?? because it triangulate with my office and the Rocket Motor Co. shop... good friend, great bikes, and a super cool place to eat, all in a short walking distance... nothing gets any better than that..!!
anyway, back to the restaurant, it's super neat place with all wooden accent and cooking utensils details... and they made this cool counter in front of their cooking stove.. if you watched closely, they're using cake-baking tray and krupuk jar as their lam cover.. and even, cooking pots.. sweet..!!
when you come and visit, just go straight to the counter, and order.. you'll get to see all of their attractive and wide range menu on the backboard... and they're fairly priced too..!! once you've ordered, they'll prepare your meals and drinks, and call you when it's ready...
while waiting, i looked at their decoration and saw some vintage vinyls, with their original album cover, from some of 70's Indonesian singers... i bet Arian13 would love to come here..!! "mr. Mandra, your ice tea is ready..."
and there it is, one glass full of lychee ice tea... oh, and their Ketjil Punch, SUPER...!!
for my meal, i ordered the Dory-salty egg Fetucini... and i must say, it's one of the best fetucini i ever ate in my life... my compliment to the chef...!! i definitely going back there soon..!! slrp..!!!

PS: if you're considering to come, don't forget to order the Apple Struddle... yum yum yum..!!!

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AporN said...

Should make a Hells Bucket Kitchen in KayHell lah