Monday, March 01, 2010

fat and greasy weekend...!!!

last Friday was a public holiday in Indonesia, so we've got a long weekend to closed out February... i snoozed most of Friday and prepared for a super fun-tastic Saturday... why?? because me, Vero and Ade went to this trip to a museum in the old part of the town... 97.9FM Female Radio held a museum trip and have the surrounding street food vendors to cater... Nasi Ulam, Rujak Bebek, Es Potong, Tahu Gejrot, Es Selendang Mayang (which is very rare, and soo hard to find nowadays) and a glass of ice Liang Tea really puts me in a "full" mode.. and all is good..!! so good, it makes me forgot to take picture of them...
well, the food bonanza continues thru the night where Nadya and i got to eat at 7Eleven... yes folks, Hotdogs..!! with all you can dump melted cheesse, chilli, onion and relish... we got three of them, and to wash the thirst away, a Big Gulp of Coke and of course, Slurpeess...!!!
the night ends with this caramelized banana with pecan crust and ice cream on top at Potato Head... yumm..!!
Sunday morning is started with a ride to Jalan Juanda where we have breakfast at Happy Day diner... Vero, Ade, Tony, Adit and me is hungry for food...!!
the menu: two sunny side up, two hash brown, three sausages, a slice of bacon, baked beans, and this super amazing french toast with brown sugar and cinnamon... and oh, we also have onion rings..
the sun was shining strong yesterday, but for some reason the clouds kinda covers us during our way back...
we stopped by at Prapanca where one of our friend Arya had an accident earlier that morning... somebody from the opposite side of the road run thru the red light... thank God no broken anything or major injuries, just a few scratches... wishing you a speedy recovery bor..!!we had to stop by at the police station for some paperwork about the accident... and saw this murals on their parking lot... i guess some of them are considering to put on supercharges on their patrol car... ngartii..!!
then later that afternoon, me, Vero, Ade, Wira and Guita went to Howling Wolf for the in-store signing of Seringai's "Generasi Menolak Tua" DVD... i posted more pictures of the event on SSMC's Blog...

super weekend that closed the month of Februari... i'm full and happy..!!

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