Tuesday, February 23, 2010

did you know...

that FXR frame is the stiffest frame that Harley-Davidson ever produced..??

i came accros this article on The Bathtub Diaries blog written by Bill Garlinghouse about the history of FXR... and there is also a super-detail link to it... check it out if you're interested in some history lesson... (thank you Dan-O and Mr. Garlinghouse)

on that link, it was stated that FXR frame is FIVE TIMES stiffer in torsion than average FX or FL frame... wow, i guess that's like a Dyna frame on Viagra..!!

but my favorite quote is this buying tips:
"When buying the FXR, remind the seller that it is the "Ugly" Harley, they are NOT popular, and that the seller is lucky you're even interested in looking at the bike...

there are two type of people who own FXRs... the type who doesn't know the heck they are (in which case the above tactic may work), and the type who do know what they are... in which case they're usually not for sale..."

i guess i'm just lucky...

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