Saturday, January 17, 2009

rest in peace


Ade Putri said...

Robin Hut Boy Atur Hutagaol
(Sept 8, 1973 - Jan 17, 2009)

Robin Hutagaol is a really well-known in both local and international metal scene. He owned a metal shop named Ish-kabible, he was also the drummer of a deadly noxious grindcore band, Noxa.

He was a very good son to his parent, good husband to his wife, and a very good friend to me. To all of us. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people. We were all talking about him; each of us has many nice memories about him.

Last Monday (January 12), when Robin was riding his bike about to pick up his wife from work, he got hit by a car. He got unconscious not long after it happened, until early Saturday when he finally passed away.

My tears were falling since I knew that he has left. We were all sad. We are, still. But somehow, we had to let him go.

Rest in peace, 'uncle'.
Your spirit carries on; true metal lives forever.

Daddy Frisco said...

sorry for your loss...R.I.P.

dC said...

may his soul rides in peace....